In which our heroine finally runs

I finally sucked it up and bought a pair of running shoes.

I’ve been talking about it forever – buying running shoes and running, being all athletic and stuff – but it took me a few months to actually do it. And wow, running is hard. Now, given, I haven’t really run for, oh, twenty, twenty-five years, but wow, hard. All the elliptical machining I’ve been doing in the past year is keeping my heart from feeling like it’s going to explode, but I still end up huffing and puffing at the end of a two minute stint of running. And that’s on the treadmill. I can’t even imagine how hard it will be on the actual ground, the kind that stays still while you move, with all the inclines and hills involved therein.

That being said, I’ve decided I’m going to run a 5K on April 23rd. It’s a nice due date; it’s about 6 or 7 weeks away, and there are several going on that day. Plenty of time to train for it and go to one out of town if I don’t want anyone I know locally to see me. Because me running after 25 years? Not exactly pretty. But I’m will do it, especially now that I’ve gone and said it in public and all.

But yeah, my shoes.  Aren’t they just… hideously ugly?  Or conversely, maybe they’re gorgeous, as far as running shoes go. Either way, they’re purple, and that’s the important thing here, right?


Additional running information only interesting for our heroine:
Saturday, February 26: 40 min, combo walk and run.
Monday, February 27 – Tuesday, March 2: Owowowowow, my legs.
Thursday, March 3: 40 min, combo walk and run, 2.05 miles.
Friday, March 4: Ow. My quads when going up and down the stairs.
Today: Going for a run later. Watching The Losers right now.

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