Adventures in Sewing: Look, Ma, I can sew!

So, I’m learning to sew.

It’s one of those things I have always wanted to learn to do, like horseback riding and cooking rice without adding an extra cup of water.  In the seventh grade, I took Home Ec – back when they still had Home Ec, of course – and made the bossest hamburger pillow ever.  I really enjoyed the sewing, but alas, having neither a sewing machine nor a crafty mother to guide my budding skills, my interest in sewing fell by the wayside.  I have been jealous of those who can sew ever since, like my crafty friend who sews hand-made Halloween costumes for her whole family. It drives me nuts every time I have to pay an extra $15 to $25 to get a new pair of pants hemmed, and I always leave Jo-Ann Fabrics feeling bereft – all that fabric taunting me, and not a thing I can do a thing about it.

So when a co-worker recently announced that she was giving sewing lessons, I was right at the front of the line.  My crafty friend, when she learned that I was going to take the aforementioned sewing lessons, literally reached into a pile of random junk in her garage and pulled out a fully functional and completely free sewing machine. And just days ago, my mother informed me that my recently deceased grandmother had left behind a bag of fabric and several vintage sewing patterns and now she knew exactly who to give it to.

It’s like it’s meant to be, me and sewing.  And I have proof!

Behold! Pictures of my creations from my first lesson:

My first creations

My first creations: a pouch and a small, zippered bag.

And look! I sewed in the zipper!

Look! A zipper!

See those white stitches? I put those there.

And behold, more pictures! This is the beginning of my first major and current project, which I started at my second sewing lesson – a somewhat but mostly inaccurate Roman stola costume.

My supplies:

Roman Stola Supplies

My fabric, thread, pattern, plus buttons and trim for the sleeves

Step 1: I pinned the pattern to the fabric.

Pinning the pattern to the fabric

My pattern pinned to the fabric. I managed to align the pattern and the edge of the fabric perfectly!

Step 2: I cut out the pattern.

The cut out pattern.

The cut out pattern. Lookin' good, if I do say so myself.

Step 3: I started hemming the sleeves on my brand-new-to-me sewing machine.

Hemming the sleeves.

Hemming away.

Ta-Da! My hems.

My hems!

I know you are completely amazed by my mad sewing skillz.

Exciting, huh? And that’s only the beginning! I will keep everyone updated as I work on the project, so stay tuned for more adventures in sewing!

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One Response to Adventures in Sewing: Look, Ma, I can sew!

  1. Lisa says:

    A Roman stola. Why am I NOT surprised?


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