The Somewhat-but-Mostly-Inaccurate Roman stola: An Update.

So, the somewhat-but-mostly-inaccurate Roman stola:

I have sewed the sides together and added buttons on the sleeves.

It took me a hour to sew 4 of these babies on, and I had to start over 3 or 4 times on one button. But they sure are pretty!

Hemmed the bottom.

Behold my mighty double hem and despair!

And ta-da! A more or less complete somewhat-but-mostly-inaccurate Roman stola.

I may add embellishments in the future, such as the trim being used as a belt in the picture above. But I consider this project done and have moved onto another. The sewer’s high just wasn’t as intense by week 3 of the project. I was hungering after something for more exciting and complex, so I picked up a new pattern on sale for $2 at Joann’s: an apron for my mother for Mother’s Day.

Yes, I know Mother’s Day was over a week ago. Don’t be so pedantic.

It’s definitely more complex. There are pockets and straps and a constant source of great frustration. I have had a couple of excessively dramatic outbursts over uncooperative seams, given the hems several stern lectures about doing what I have told them to do, and still can’t properly thread the machine from the bobbin side on the first try or the third try or even the fifth try.  However,  it is coming along nicely, and I’m quite proud of my work.  I’ll show you next time.

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