Adventures in Sewing: Mum’s Mother’s Day Apron

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about how I made the apron – I basically followed the pattern and advice from my instructor – but I learned some interesting new skills.

1. Making straps: Making straps involved sewing seams, ironing the seams, then turning the straps inside out. A wholly tedious affair until one of my fellow sewers showed me how to use a pencil eraser to do so.  It was much less tedious after that.




2. Splicing: I only found the lovely yellow fabric I used as the straps and pockets in fabric squares, which weren’t large enough to make the waist straps as one piece.  So I spliced two pieces together before I sewed the seams.



3. Pockets: Not much to say here other than that I followed the directions and I ended up with pockets. And they work!





Top stitching, for the non-sewing initiated, is when you sew along the edge of the garment, next to the hem or a seam, so that the fabric is pressed flat. It gives it a very tidy look. And it’s adorable!

4. Top stitching:I just – wow. I mean, top stitching! I love how neat it looks. Neat and cute and look at it! It’s adorable!








5. Patience: Patience is, I have learned, essential to sewing. Or, at least to sewing well. Between ripping out stitches and the sheer amount of ironing that is necessary to end up nicely sewed hems and seams, I had to dip into my deepest reserves of patience to get through this project. And even so, if I hadn’t made 85% of this apron in the presence of others, I could have easily filled up a swear jar. And the bit I did alone at home  – the neck straps and the top half of the apron – did bring forth many, many naughty words.  So, yeah, patience.  Not in the brochure.

And the apron, you ask? Here it is, as promised:

Mum immediately donned it and proceeded to cook dinner. I should have taken a picture but did not.

As with all highs, the challenge. risk, or amount of the high inducing element must increase and grow ever more extreme, even when it comes to sewing. Just wait until you see my next project….

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One Response to Adventures in Sewing: Mum’s Mother’s Day Apron

  1. Love it! The fabric choice was adorable. And I love the look of top stitching, too. 🙂

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